Sunrises are amazing in Paris.

Take some time and just enjoy the colors on the historical buildings!

I left Paris one year ago. I used to live a crazy life, running all around for a full time job and my kids…

I knew I was living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I took some time during the week-ends to (re)discover little by little… But while visiting Paris after one year abroad, things are completely different: being like a tourist in your home town is weird and awesome!

I took the opportunity to witness a wonderful sunrise and walk around the city. The perfect “il est 5 heures, Paris s’éveille…” Light was just amazing, painting historical buildings with shades of pink and gold. Even the Eiffel Tower, which has been depicted a million times approximately, had a very special outlook. The streets were almost empty, rare cars, no one walking.

It is the kind of magical moments when you feel you own the city… scarce and fugitive moments. I also felt like all my dreams could become possible, like everything and everyone will be fine… I wanted to share this moment of bliss and walk you a little around.

Metro almost empty at 5:00 AM

Sun rises behind the Concorde

The Alexander III bridge and the Invalides

The Grand Palais

The Petit Palais

The Seine

The Musée d’Orsay

The Place de la Concorde


The Louvre Museum

Notre Dame

My favorite picture during this beautiful sunrise in Paris. Playing hide-and-seek with the sun and the Louvre.

What about you? Is there a city in the world that would make you feel the same? Tell me in comments, I would love to know and visit maybe…