Paris “cliché clichés”

Paris is an endless source of inspiration, and one of the most amazing spot for street photography.

After sharing a dreamy sunrise in Paris (here) and my best addresses (there) on the blog…
I wanted to share some of my best places to see in the City of Light… it is addressed to my friends abroad, but it is also an invite to my Parisian friends to re-discover their beloved city.

Being a tourist in my own town is a great experience, I happened to see things with completly different eyes. Of course, being on a holiday, having plenty of time, no urge for a meeting or any administrative obligation, is kind of helpful to take my time and wander around. But let’s be honest, that’s not the only reason.

Living one year in the US had fostered me in taking things with a very positive perspective, seeing the all the great things about France that you tend to forget when living in. I was smiling in the metro (in fact, public transports is a weakness of Miami…), thanking people in stores and looking in the eye not just running away as I used to do while living here (that’s a good American habit I like and I gladly adopt)…

So, for a few days, I walked a lot and enjoyed the breathtaking places that I am sharing here. For this, I chose black and white, to express this timeless mood that I will always feel in Paris…

For a nice walk:

Walk along the Seine and pay a visit to the famous Bir Hakeim bridge:

Then have a look at the Buren Columns,  and just next to it, you will find an hidden gem, the gardens of the Palais-Royal, where you can have a break on a sunny day

La Bourse district is vibrating place with a lot of restaurants and monumental architecture:

Les Halles district: full of restaurants and trendy shops, and the newly achieved “canopé”:

Saint Eustache, close to Les Halles:

The Temple district, the most blossoming district for great healthy places like Season or Broken Arm!

Of course, you can’t miss Montmartre district and its lovely streets and stairs:

On a sunny Sunday, the Luxembourg Garden is such a great place to walk around with kids or just enjoy a quiet moment reading on the famous green chairs:

Must see and visit:

Musée du Louvre (here with JR piece of art):

Musée d’Orsay (one of my favorites):


Great palais (place of great temporary exhibits):

Last but not least, when in Paris, you can’t avoid shopping!

The BHV, exciting department store close to the Town Hall:

The Printemps, historical and famous chic department store with an amazing rooftop where you have an amazing view all over Paris:

The Bon Marché, place a curated selection of luxury brands:

The Marais: that’s where you will find all the trendiest little shops opened on Sunday, and the walk is so charming!

Of course there are so much more places… What is your favorite place in Paris, which one would you advise to a foreigner friend? I would be glad to see you share in the comments!