Here is my top 4 of the places to see New York from the top

I tried the most famous views of New York from the top. Cliché as it might seem, seeing New York from a higher point of view is always a blast…
I had the chance to visit New York several times, and I took the opportunity to discover one different sky-high view each time. Each visit was blessed with blue sky! I am sharing here some of my favorite pictures and my opinion and tips about each of them. For any of these visits, you can count an average 30/35 dollars per adult.

One World Center Observatory: the highest and most recent one

Located in the One World Trade Center building, close to Wall Street district in the South of Manhattan. You will reach the top… that is floor 102… within 60 seconds, amazing! You’ll enjoy a 360 degres view, through huge bay windows, over Manhattan but also Brooklyn, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It is absolutely stunning, especially in sunset hours: people are gathering, looking to the West and enjoying the sun setting behind the Statue of Liberty.You can book in advance here , everything is convenient and modern.

Empire State Building: the iconic one

The Empire State is an impressive Art Deco building, located Midtown Manhattan. This place is worth a visit for its very special and historic atmosphere. The entry hall is amazing with its Art Deco design. It is not as modern as the One World, this means there is less place to walk around the 86th floor observatory, no huge bay windows, but you can feel the history of New York here more anywhere. Check here for more info. (These pictures where take when the One World was not built yet)

Top of the Rock: the closest to Central Park and the most open

Even if I loved the One World observatory, I have to say that the Top of the Rock, aka the Rockefeller Center (see here for more info) is unforgettable. Here you will enjoy 3 different levels with a breathtaking open view on Central Park, with no windows. The feeling is completely different than being behind bay windows… depending on the season, it can be freezing cold, but you really feel some kind of freedom here!

Roosevelt Island Tramway: the little extra one…

I discovered recently this Tramway, not really a sky-high top but an original higher point of view. You can find the tramway station in the Upper East Side Manhattan, at the corner of E 60th St and 2nd Ave, and for only the price of subway fare, you will embark on  journey above the East River. I loved the feeling of being in a cable car with no snow and passing by the office buildings. You better go there for sunrise, or even better for sunset, the light through the buildings is amazing.

I would love to know what is your preferred spot to see New York from the Top… Is there another place that I should visit during my next trip?