JUNE 2018

An exhibition in France…

During my annual visit to France, I had the great pleasure to exhibit some of my pictures in my French home-town. The venue is stunning, a medieval castle, overlooking Geneva Lake, with a fantastic view on the French and Swiss Alpes.

The challenge was to present a consistent gathering of my work of the past 3 years. It was a good practice to get concise and choose only 35 pictures amongst the tones I took since I live in Miami. I chose to divide the exhibit in 2 of  my favorite subjects. I felt it was a unique opportunity to show and needed to have these tempos.

The first part of the exhibition was dedicated to Miami. I wanted to show the city I know, far beyond the clichés depicted by movies and TV shows. I showed images of surprising, unusual and sometimes awkward situations. Anyhow, I wanted these pictures  to transmit the peacefulness that I discovered and enjoy here in Miami. The other part displayed my creative work and researches around products and food. This is field where I can explore and express my creativity.

It was a unique opportunity to speak about my work and pictures, to tell more about my creative process. It is surprising how some explanations came into words that I never consciously thought of actually… It was definitely a precious moment shared with my family and friends back home.