Nath&La Portrait…

My girl bosses portraits display inspiring creative souls through photography
As a way to bring together my passion for photography and my growing interest for entrepreneurship,
I’m launching a new theme on the blog, presenting French Girl-bosses running their business in Miami.

I had the chance to discover Nathella’s universe. She would say she is not a Girlboss… the least I can tell is that she is an authentic passionate and creative soul, cherishing handcrafted work, a kind of manual workaholic… I tried to captured some pieces of her world…

She’s creating charming and colorful jewelry and pouches under Nath&La brand name. All pouches and cushions are handmade from fabric printed with her own photographs.

Bracelets and necklaces are made with colorful Liberty and pompoms…

Her home’s interior design is as white and minimalist as her creations are colorful!

Her studio is… a tidy mess

Chat with Nath&la
Where do you come from?
Paris… beginning as a fashion designer in AgnesB French label and also in Retail Industry, I left France 7 years ago, moving from Philadelphia to Mexico DF and then Miami.

What made you start your business?
Coming from the fashion industry, I’ve always been in a creative environment. I was creating jewels for me and my friends. When people that I didn’t even know asked for jewels (through Instagram mostly), I thought it was time to make a leap…

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Creative, curious and cheerful

What does “entrepreneur” means for you?
It means a dreamer who turns ideas into reality (she defines herself more as a creative worker than an entrepreneur)

What’s your advise for a girl who wouldn’t dare to start her business?
Listen to your loved ones

What is your dream?
That life goes on this way… (I told you, authentic and positive mind!)

Un immense merci, Nath&la! I hope you will enjoy her world. You can follow her on Instagram @nath_la_miami.

I’ll be back soon with another girlboss’ portrait.