A magic helicopter flight above Miami

Nothing better than an helicopter ride to discover Miami and marvel at the turquoise blue sea and the green city!

I always dreamt of having an helicopter ride…I had the chance to fly above Miami a few weeks ago. It is a perfect way to embrace my new home… The pictures were taken through the helicopter scratchy window, thus the quality is not as good I would like, but it will give you an upper view of some of the areas where I spend my new life in Miami (Not Miami Beach, which is a separate city from Miami, you can see here if you want to know more).

Key Biscayne Marina. I took the most beautiful pictures of Brickell financial district from here.

Cape Florida Lighthouse, in Bill Baggs Park, one of my very favorite place in Miami.

Miami is also a huge container port (found Dexter?) and one the largest ports for tourism, where you can see massive cruise ships
The Port in the front, South Beach and its Art Deco buildings at the back

Opposite to Miami Port : Miami River separating Downtown Miami and Brickell Financial District. You can see Brickell Key at the very forefront.

The iconic Icon Brickell buildings, inspired by Philippe Starck

Moving south… Villa Vizcaya, a charming place to visit

Coconut Grove marina

Mathesson Hammock Park, a heaven for kite surfers…

Miami is GREEN, with a tropical climate (now I know what this really means…)

Miami is super FLAT…

Welcome to Wisteria lane…

Time to go back, storm is coming…

We had a great time… not sure Loulou will soon be ready for another ride though…