Laurence Portrait

My girl bosses portraits display inspiring creative souls through photography.

Today, I’m taking you for a journey across Laurence’s poetic and creative world…
She is a French entrepreneur, lately settled in Miami. Laurence used to be running a pottery and ceramic training studio in Toulouse, France. She creates delicate ceramic pieces, cups, plates and vases, made either wheel-thrown or by casting. She is also planning on developing pottery training sessions here in Miami.

It was such a special encounter for me, as I used to work for Guy Degrenne, a French tableware brand, and enjoyed developing ceramic product with talented and passionate people… Laurence is this kind of passionate person. Her creations reflect her gentleness.

She crafted her own studio, that could easily look like a dream… in the middle of her “jungle house”…

Chat with Laurence

Where do you come from?

Nantes, where I still can meet my whole family. And Toulouse where I spent 15 very nice years.

What made you start your business?

A great passion for handicraft and for working clay. I like to find myself in my studio and let my hands guide me to new objects. And I equally love being amongst my students to exchange and transmit the art of ceramics. Both aspects are necessary for me to move forward.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Curious, I love experimenting new paths … Probably a little dreamy and idealistic too. I am a lover of nature.

What does “entrepreneur” means for you?

Maybe, a person who dares to start realizing his dreams against the odds.

What’s your advise for a girl who wouldn’t dare to start her business?

Follow your instinct ! Don’t listen too much ! Follow your dream.

What is your dream?

Adapt our lifestyle to preserve nature entirely.

A special thank to Laurence for her warm and nice welcoming, it was such a pleasure for me to shoot these ceramic pieces in such a green « studio ».