A natural jewel 2 hours away from Miami.

The Gulf of Mexico is located on the West Coast of Florida.

You might think that, living in Miami, I should get sick of sun and sand…  well, no! Florida is full of natural treasures. The West coast, opposite to Miami on the Gulf of Mexico has the good taste to be wilder than the East. If you are looking for some great piece of nature and a kind of Carribean spirit and architecture, you will find it for sure on Sanibel Island, 2,5 hours drive from Miami.

Sunrise on Sanibel

Sunrise on Naples beach

That’s the perfect place to have a rest with friends and family. I stayed in 2 places, Naples which is 2 hours drive from Miami, and Sanibel,  30 min northern.

The Naples Beach Hotel, perfect location, incredible spot for sunsets… I also saw a fairytale weeding there, bride and groom getting married in front of the sea!

West Wind Sanibel

We found the coolest place to have a beer and a burger in Sanibel… The Lazy Flamingo, worth it for the name only!

You also can’t miss a breakfast at the Over Easy Café in Sanibel, it’s an institution, warm welcoming and good food!

Sanibel lighthouse: best place for chilling!

Also pay a visit to Naples pier, great selfie spot…

Above all, I think what would make me come again and again there, is the unbelievable sunsets. Witnessing the sun disappearing in the sea is something really special, that you will never see in Miami, because of it’s orientation. Did you know that, in Naples, people would gathering around a drink and give a round of applauses when the sun touches the ocean!

I promise, absolutely no filter added!!!

Your turn… would you recommend Sanibel or Naples? Don’t hesitate to share your good places too here!