Coney Island wanderlust

Coney Island is an lovely seaside only 30 minutes away from Brooklyn… Coney Island always sounded to me like the Hamptons: a pretty preppy place, worth a visit but somehow hard to reach… Like a summer dream that you would never have enough time to see while visiting New York for 4 days!

I have to confess I was so wrong! Coney Island is to the New Yorkers what Deauville is to the Parisians, but even closer. It’s the nearest and most boundary-breaking seaside. Only 30 minutes away for Brooklyn city center by subway. Taking N, Q, D or F lines, New Yorkers can easily escape the City that never sleeps…

I took the opportunity of my last visit to NewYork in a warm and sunny October to discover this very special spot. Wooden planks promenade, colorful Luna park’s rides, that’s what you might call a complete change of scenery! I went there on a week-day morning, it is was almost empty, a lot of people speaking Russian, brave people working-out on the beach, botox on every single corner… Hopefully, the rides were closed, which meant quieter place and happy kids… It was an enchanting ride out of time that I’m sharing here through pictures…

Wooden promenade, a distant touch of Deauville in NYC

Coney Islandjhgtyui’s ride


Coney Island’s design restrooms!!

Work-out spot spotted by my little monkeys

Ended the promenade with a greasy burger at the iconic Nathan’s

Coney Island’s subway station, 30 minutes away from Brooklyn center… There are a few subway lines going to Coney Island from Brooklyn, super easy and short ride!