Amicie Portrait

My girl bosses portraits display inspiring creative souls through photography.

My journey across entrepreneurship continues with another portrait…
I’m depicting Amicie’s World. She is a French girl-boss, running a really nice business here in Miami: offering colorful foutas under Ami&Cie brand, that she will embroider and customize on demand.

She has a strong creative background. Amicie began her career as a graphic designer at Pierre Frey, a high-range French furnishing fabrics brand.

She is passionate and have an awesome taste for fresh and colorful handcrafted products. Amicie surrounds herself with delicate ribbons and Liberty fabrics. I’m sharing here some pieces of her poetic world…

Chat with Amicie

Where do you come from?
I’m French but I don’t really know exactly from where I come from… I used to live in a lot of cities: in Britany, close to the beach, in Annecy, in the middle of the mountains , in Paris of course, and in many other beautiful towns. I let part of my heart in each place I lived in. Today, I could even say that I come from Miami…

What made you start your business? When my husband told me he’ll be transferred to Miami three years ago, I immediately thought that it will be for me a great opportunity  to return to my first passion, my first job, textile. I have a formation of textile stylist – designer textile. I wanted to finally launch my own brand of textile products, Ami&Cie, an old dream that I never dare to realize in France. Foutas came naturally to my mind, and then to my booth on the Pinecrest market, some trendy shops in Sunset and Coconut and finally on my website… Actually,  it’s just the beginning, I have many others ideas!

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
I try to be like my colorful foutas: efficient, generous and happy!

What does “entrepreneur” means for you? An entrepreneur is above all a dreamer, but a dreamer who works hard. It’s like a climber, someone who is not afraid, who never counts his steps, and  who is completely led by his desire. When you undertake to climb a mountain, you always have to look to the top, because if you look at your shoes you will be so afraid that either you stop, or you fall…

What’s your advise for a girl who wouldn’t dare to start her business?
Go on! You have nothing to loose, and even if you loose a bit of money, you’ll enrich your experience through contact with people and other cultures (especially in the USA),  the discovery of new things, and above all, you will have no regret about not trying it!

What is your dream?
To always have one!

Thank you so much Amicie for your nice welcoming and inspiring words! It has been such a nice time take pictures at your home. You can follow her on Instagram @amiandcie.