Hello, I am Caroline, self-taught freelance Photographer specialized in Food, Product and Lifestyle Photography. Based in Miami, I’m originally from Paris, France. I’m passionate with aesthetics and inspired by entrepreneurs.

My 15 years background in Fashion and Home Decor industries in France forged my expertise in Product Marketing. I love products made with love by creative souls.

Image is my language, I love the nuances that it can express, the emotion it triggers. Life feels better when you are receptive to beauty surrounding.

I will assist you in developing your brand identity through tailor-made images and original graphic creations. 

I’m taking your audience on your special journey… Convey an authentic, beautiful and professional image is essential to a successful communication. You have any question, want to schedule a shooting or simply get in touch? You can contact me here

Work with me

As an entrepreneur, you placed all your heart in your business. I will help you develop your creative brand and strategic influence on the Web and Social Media. I create images that will express your brand identity in an attractive and seamless way. 

My fields of predilection are Product and Food Photography and Graphic Creations. We can also arrange Portrait Photography to better serve your brand image.

 Photography: Food, Product and Interior Design

I create tailor-made images for your websites, marketing tools and social medias. Photographs of your products or food magnified with the perfect light in either a minimalist set-up or showcased it in a lifestyle setting.

 Graphic creations

Because our world is filled with images and it’s sometimes challenging to make a difference, I play with images and create some impactful pictures that will catch your audience attention for sure.

 Marketing tools

To make the most of the images I crafted for your brand, I can also create related Marketing Tools, such as Business Cards, Product Cards and more…