What are you doing?

That was definitely the most difficult question to answer when I became an expatriate, leaving my country, family and job at the same time.

It took me a while to accept the positive part of expatriation. A professional break, more quality time with my family, being present for my kids on this turning point… I had to make the most of the negative aspects: quitting my job, having more time with me, myself and I… And being away from my family and close friends. (for the later, I have to admit that it is still not always easy to focus on the bright side. However, distance definitely strengthen links).

A year ago, I made a leap that I thought I’d never make, I started a blog. Before that, I was a busy working mum not feeling fitted for the blogosphere. I changed and opened my mind when I left Paris for Miami. I went through a lot of questioning about life goals, read inspiring books and met creative souls…

The decisive moment was when I realized that I used to define myself by my job. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to do so for an indefinite period of time… That’s when I realized that I needed to create something on my own. The Ca-nest blog was born… What a name! I regretted it pretty soon. No one could barely understand what it stood for, neither could I explain it clearly. Anyhow, it was a great experience. It offered me a space where I could share my passion for photography. It gave me the opportunity to discover other blogs and meet an incredible blogy and Instagram community all over the US and even farther.

In that blog, I began to portrait through pictures some girl bosses in Miami . This is a way to exploit my love for photography and have my readers discover inspiring creative souls. One thing led to another and I started to shoot pictures for my entrepreneur friends and getting more serious about this transition step by step.

I also developed a serious knowledge in social media and strong skills in the development of websites… compared with my level 0 skills before. I have to confess, I totally failed the closure of the Ca-nest blog, posting only 2 hours before its definitive shutdown! Almost anyone saw this post… Nevermind, I’m catching up now!

CarolineTillPics is the step further I am undertaking now. I’m offering Freelance services, mostly specialized in Product Photography, my favorite field, but also in Behind the Scene and Portrait… The idea is to help creative souls save the hassle of taking attractive pictures and let them focus on their core business. I am a self-made photographer and I love to capture beautiful and catchy pictures.

I’ll continue the blog in parallel, as it became an important part of my life. Even with a slower pace, I will share my feelings and travels discoveries as an expatriate in the US.



See here if you want to know more about this project…