My best addresses and tips in Montreal

 3 days are the perfect match for discovering a new town with kids, neither too long nor too short.

Montreal is a 3-hours flight from Miami, and 30⁰C away in winter! Was it the lack of cold weather? The need to hear speaking French in the streets? Or just this huge desire to travel… Montreal has been on my bucket list for a while!

I took the opportunity of a tiny little “teacher planning day” to discover Montreal in 3 days. The winter’s comeback one week before our trip surprised us. One meter of snow in Montreal streets… You can imagine that our equipment for this kind of weather in Miami is reduced to minimum, if not to nothing! Well, we would go anyway and everything gonna be alright… We, in fact, had a blast!

Montreal is a great city to visit with kids, moderate size and an efficient underground system. What struck me is this feeling of 2 different yet complementary cities. Close to the Old Port is the Old Town, with a Parisian touch that made me feel like home! And in-between the Old Town and the Mont Royal, the Modern District, filled with offices and shopping areas. And everything seems to be matching perfectly well!

The city is so welcoming, even with snow on the pavements. You will find charming cafes and inspiring places all-over

1.What to see

The modern part of the city, filled with office and shops, so charming when covered with snow…

The old city and its Parisian touch… It is such a pleasure to walk around, stop by appealing shops (Espace Pepin is my crush…) and chill in a charming café.

Espace Pepin: clothes made by Canadian designers, awesome handbags made by theshop owner, Lysianne Pepin, and great decoration!

The old Port, stunning while caught in ice!

And our preferred walk was to discover the Mont Royal under the snow. What a blast!!!

2.Kids entertainment

The Botanic Garden : an inspiring place, nicely thought and interesting for kids.

There was even a temporary amazing butterflies exhibition when we were there.

The Biodome : This place is perfect for kids.

I am not a big fan of zoos and animals in captivity usually but here things are made wisely, they collect wounded animals that wouldn’t live in a natural habitat.

Redpath musuem: small place but attractive

Mc Gill University, where Redpath Museum is located is on the way to the Mont Royal. Fell like being a part of Harry Potter’s movie…

And the best activity: located on the Old Port, the Science Center, kidos just loved it!!

3.Best places to have a coffee or hot chocolate when too cold…

Tommy cafe, close to the Cathedral in the Old Town

Olive and Gourmando, in the Old Town, opposite of the Espace Pepin. One of the best cookies I had for a long time.

Crew Collective cafe: amazing venue in the ancient hall of the Royal Bank Tower

Place Jacques Cartier, in the old Town too, you can have a famous and gorgeous ‘Tire d’érable”. Or a hot cider sweeten with mapple sirup…

3.Best places to eat:

Brunch in the Magasin General Bistrot

Yummy brunch in the coolest place, the Café Parvis. Nice atmosphere and excellent food!

Visiting Montreal in winter was really nice. But it also makes you want to see it in summer for sure! Do you know Montreal? Would you recommend to visit during summer, and if yes, all tips and addresses are more than welcomed!