My Paris cityguide 2017 updated…

Being a Frenchy living in Miami, I spend at least one week in Paris per year. That’s like a vital necessity…

And anytime I am in Paris, I take the opportunity to meet my dear and missed friends and enjoy the Parisian way of life. Savoring a café and talking about the world and how you would change it. Discovering new places for trendy healthy lunches all over Paris and beyond. And having a drink “en terrasse”.

That’s always a weird moment, when you want to spend some time and really take some time with your friends. And at the same time urging for doing so many things in one day… Thus, I’m walking a lot in Paris to connect from one place to the other. This city is both a big city and a village! What a pleasure to just walk in Paris. I look around, I listen and I always find out extraordinary pieces of architecture to admire.

I discovered new places and rediscovered some that I wanted to share here. If you have the chance to be in Paris soon… don’t hesitate to follow the guide! The addresses here were diligently tasted and highly appreciated.

This post is aimed at any Paris lover! And it is also a special thought for my dear French expatriate friends here in the USA, to share a little taste of our home country from here!

3 places to have a cosy lunch…

MARLON, 159 Rue de Grenelle, Paris 7

This place opened one year ago, and it’s still packed full on Sunday brunch! If you have the opportunity, go there during week days, their breakfast menu is amazing. You’ll have one of the best Granola in Paris here, in a super cosy ambiance and tasteful decoration. Plus, it was opened by the founder of Marcel, another good address for a brunch or a lunch, that’s a guarantee of quality! 

HOLIDAY CAFE, 192 Avenue de Versailles, Paris 16

Recently opened too, this cafe was recommend by Caroline de Maigret or Morgane Sezalory, so you can go there with no hesitation! The place is small, but offers a lovely terrasse on the front. The food is pretty good and the daily juice is delicious.

CAFE PINSON, 6 Rue du Forez, Paris 3

Such a lovely place to have healthy and tasty food, homemade from local and fresh products. That’s a warm yet modern place and the atmosphere is delightful. Not to mention that the area is really nice and full of trendy shops and other cafes.

3 places to have a coffee or a sweet treat…

LA PATISSERIE CYRIL LIGNAC, 133 Rue de Sèvres, Paris 6

The Kouign-amann (famous bakery from Britany) is unrivaled. So good that I didn’t have enough time to take a picture of it, it was already gone… There are a few addresses around Paris.

Don’t miss La Chocolaterie also… 25 Rue Chanzy, Paris 11, and the giant teddy bear chocolate marshmallow…

LAFAYETTE GOURMET, 35 Boulevard Haussman, Paris 9

The well-known Galeries Lafayette offer an extensive selection of pastries, bakeries and even chocolat, that will enchant you. If you have any difficulties to choose, I earnestly tasted most of them… I would recommend Liberte, Lafayette Gourmet’s Bakery, by Benoît Castel. And you can watch here every detail of the bread-making process…

L’ECLAIR DE GENIE, 14 Rue Pavée, Paris 4

There are several addresses in Paris, L’Eclair de Genie can also be found in Lafayette Gourmet. To be totally honest, I think the reputation is a little above the actual taste… a little too “industrial”. Anyway, the Yuzu Lemon is always a good idea!

3 places to hava wonderful dinner

DAROCO, 6 Rue Vivienne, Paris 2

Daroco is the place to be in Paris! Here we will find excellent Italian inspired food in a amazing place. The super high mirror ceiling is so much instagramable… And it is close to the Palais Royal Garden, which is definitely worth a walk.

SHIRVAN CAFE METISSE, 5 Place de l’Alma, Paris 8

Recently opened by the gifted and talented chef Akrame. The products are exquisite, the tastes are all at once strong and subtle. The food are decoration are inspired by a very ancient region of Azerbaijan and it is an enchantment!

LE MURMURE, 108 Rue de la Convention, Paris 15

One of my all time favorite. The place was redesigned one year ago in turquoise hues. That’s a nice place for a comfy diner with friends or a drink “en terrasse”! I would recommend their burger with French fries…

Last but not least, my favorite addresses for shopping.

Because life is not just about food… but also about shopping!

SEZANE, 1 Rue Saint-Fiacre, Paris 2

Sezane is the French fashion brand “en vogue”. Created as an online only brand, Sezane opened ‘L’Appartement”, a place where you can try the clothes on and then buy them online. I love to go there for the decoration and lifestyle selection. Especially, they curate a very inspiring book selection and lovely stationary.

LE BON MARCHE, 24 Rue de Sèvres, Paris 7

One of the first department store in Paris and also one the most beautiful. The selection is always tastefully made of classics and high-end fashion. The home decor part of the store is a blast for your eyes! Displaying some of the most exclusive brands and fine products in a pleasant peaceful atmostrephere.

TISSUS REINE, 3-5 Place Saint-Pierre, Paris 18

A trip to Paris wouldn’t be completed without a visit to Les Tissus Reine. Historical fabric store, I always knew Les Tissus Reine. I could spend hours touching and selecting fabrics. They offer an extensive and awesome Liberty collection…


I would love to know you thoughts about these addresses, did you try some of them?

And as I am lucky enough to head out to Paris again during summer, I would glad to know your recommendations in Paris too!