ICE DREAMS signature poptails are an inviting collection of frozen cocktails for grown-ups. I was lucky enough to work on a challenging project with Ice Dreams team, a dedicated and inspiring team … They contacted me as they’d already developed a strong colorful and vibrant brand image and fine associated merchandising. My job was to create differentiating images to serve the brand storytelling. I had so much fun magnifying Ice Dreams colorful (and delicious by the way) poptails and playing with ice cubes. Here is a sample of the fun we acheived together… Keeping up with my motto: do what I love and love what I do! Thank you again Ice Dreams for such a great time working with you guys! You can see their website here and their Instagram there



Immersion in the gentle Yoga world of Karin (see here Instagram here). I tried Yoga for the first time a couple of months ago thanks to Karin. Never too late to explore and experience… I discovered a physical practice and a philosophy. Apart from being a perfect workout to strengthen the body, yoga calms the brain and help relieve stress. It helps to take the necessary distance to get rid of negative influences and focus on the positive aspects in life. It is all about balance. It came as a natural continuation to photograph Karin during her practice. I wanted to make her presence and her kindness felt through the pictures.


Stepping out of my comfort zone, I participated in a photo contest in France… The object of the contest was “a savoyard dish in picture”, during Toquicimes, an event that put together gastronomy and mountains… two of my favorite things in life! I was honored to be selected among the 20 pictures displayed during this gastronomical event in Megeve. I didn’t win the contest with my “Raspberries Tart Ski Stick”, cheese pictures won in fact…, but I had a blast experiencing different ideas that ended up with this flying sky stick that I love.

An exhibition in France…

During my annual visit to France, I had the great pleasure to exhibit some of my pictures in my French home-town. The venue is stunning, a medieval castle, overlooking Geneva Lake, with a fantastic view on the French and Swiss Alpes.

The challenge was to present a consistent gathering of my work of the past 3 years. It was a good practice to get concise and choose only 35 pictures amongst the tones I took since I live in Miami. I chose to divide the exhibit in 2 of  my favorite subjects. I felt it was a unique opportunity to show and needed to have these tempos.

The first part of the exhibition was dedicated to Miami. I wanted to show the city I know, far beyond the clichés depicted by movies and TV shows. I showed images of surprising, unusual and sometimes awkward situations. Anyhow, I wanted these pictures  to transmit the peacefulness that I discovered and enjoy here in Miami. The other part displayed my creative work and researches around products and food. This is field where I can explore and express my creativity.

It was a unique opportunity to speak about my work and pictures, to tell more about my creative process. It is surprising how some explanations came into words that I never consciously thought of actually… It was definitely a precious moment shared with my family and friends back home.