Hello, I am Caroline, a Parisienne living in Miami, passionate with aesthetics and photography, inspired by creative souls and entrepreneurs

I’m a self-made Freelance Photographer, expert in Product Marketing and Product Development. My 15 years’ background in Fashion and Decoration industry in France trained my eyes for well-balanced and catchy images. I love products made with love by creative souls. And buying a product is so much more than just full-filling a basic need. It is about a sense of belonging and loving a brand… I will assist you in developing your brand identity and image through tailor-made pictures and original graphic creations.


 I am taking your client on your special journey. You won’t have to care about it anymore, get rid of this hassle, and save you some time to focus on your core business.

If you have any question, know about my work or simply get in touch, feel free to contact me here


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